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School and Camp Insurance

School and Camp Insurance Information

Parents and students both rely on schools and camps to keep attending children safe. No matter how hard a school or camp works to ensure the safety of the students, accidents and injuries can occur and schools and camps are at risk for lawsuits both frivolous and sound. In order to protect their own interests and ensure its future operation, schools and camps should secure both liability and property insurance specific to their individual risks.

Liability Insurance for Schools and Camps

While a general liability insurance policy will cover many of the liability risks schools and camps face when having students, parents and visitors on its grounds, more specific policies may also be necessary. Student and athletic accident insurance is one such policy. This policy will generally cover injuries and accidents that can occur during sports-related extracurricular activities both on school property and when away on field trips.

In addition to this coverage, schools may also consider catastrophic accident insurance in order to cover the long-term medical care and excessive medical care expenses faced by students who are injured. An additional accidental death and dismemberment policy may also be advisable.

In order to protect employees, schools should consider employment practices liability insurance, which offers protection from the expense of lawsuits and claims for inappropriate employment practices. If automobiles are operated on behalf of the school or are owned by the school, the proper liability insurance to comply with state regulations should be purchased. Finally, directors and officers liability insurance can protect board members, principals and others against claims of assault and abuse.

Property Insurance For Schools and Camps

To protect the building and contents of the school or camp, a commercial property insurance policy may be necessary. This will not only protect property against fires and other covered hazards, but will also generally protect against crimes such as theft and vandalism. School and camp administrators should be careful to structure the policy’s limits to cover the real financial risks involved in losing expensive  equipment, such as computers.